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AutoNEST is a computer-aided nesting software for the optical use of stock sheet materials. The application is suitable in shipbuilding, heavy engineering, fabrication, synthetic leather/fabric goods and furniture manufacture. AutoNEST is the solution to quick material estimation for purchasing requirements and shop floor cutting plans. With automatic generation of nested layouts, AutoNEST reduces man-hours and maximizes material usage in different manufacturing conditions.


AutoNEST-FX module enhances the output plans with detailed information on parts, stock materials, weights and cutting plan reports. AutoNEST also links with other NC software and CAD packages.


CP Manager


CP Manager is a computer-aided linear nesting software for better material utilization of steel sections or stock lengths.


CP Manager runs on MS Excel and accepts its spreadsheets and any text formats as inputs. Cutting Plan in line representation, Cutting List, Material Usage, report and other detailed MS Excel reports are generated automatically for your production and shopfloor needs with consideration for cutting gap and splicing.


CP Manager is a low-cost productivity tool for estimation, purchasing, and production purposes.


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