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Tekla’s technology creates new opportunities for the disciplines in the construction industry: Tekla Structures is the first intelligent 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software and the most advanced on the market that provides an accurate, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment. Essentially, the Tekla model contains all the information required from conceptual design, detailing, and manufacturing to construction of a project in a single environment.

Vibrant Technology Solutions Co. is the service provider of Tekla Structures Training in the Philippines. We conduct a two-week training course that consists of lectures and different levels of training exercises that will enable the trainee to be more knowledgeable and more efficient in using the software. Our training program is consists of Intermediate and Advanced Course. We offer our training to all individuals and companies locally who wants to learn how to use Tekla Structures and to those practicing Tekla Structures users who are keen to enhance 3D modeling skills whether on-site or in our own office training facility.



Tekla Structures Training Courses




Tekla Examinations and Certification

Maximize your potential with Tekla training and certification. It bring valuable and measurable rewards to structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, concrete detailers and manufacturers, BIM professionals, contractors, and the organization that employs them.

Certificate of Achievement - Tekla Structures Intermediate/Advanced Level are awarded by Tekla after receiving a passing grade. It is offered to Intermediate and Advanced Courses. It is available for trainees who have attended and completed their respective courses. Current Tekla users with relevant Tekla user experience may take these certification examinations without prior attendance of these Tekla courses.


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