This company was established in 1995 principally to provide a reliable steel detailing office to service and accommodate the needs and requirements of fabricators in the Steel Industry, both local and overseas. We have the expertise and experience in producing shop detail drawings to American, Australian, British, and Japanese specifications for various steel structures, which has included, but not limited to:

  • Chemical Plants and Refineries
  • Power Generation Complexes
  • High Rise / Multi-storied Buildings
  • Industrial (Factories, Warehouses,etc.) Complexes
  • Commercial (Shopping and Offices) complexes
  • Mining (Chutes, Conveyors Gantries, etc.) Structures
  • Transmission Towers
  • Steel Bridges
  • Transportation Monorails
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Marine / Off-shore Structures
  • Civilian and Military School Complexes
  • Hospital / Wellness Centers and School Facilities

With our well-experienced and qualified detailers and checkers plus an efficient and tested working system, we can ensure that our shop drawings are of the highest standard.

Properly prepared, accurate and well-checked shop drawings will ensure that problems are identified and rectified beforehand thus eliminating costly errors during fabrication, assembly and erection of the structure. A good and accurate shop drawing such as ours will therefore minimize or even eliminate any possible design oversight, production errors or hick-ups, which in turn could have substantial cost implication as well as delays to the project.